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This year PCA added a second preschool/ pre-k classroom and it is a great success. Here at PCA we have our students learn through educational play. While attending our preschool / pre-k our teachers will introduce subjects such as geography, science and reading that are play based which allows for the students to grow both academically and socially.


In our K-2 class, this year we have hands on science experiments! This classroom also uses many other hands-on learning for other subjects. We are happy to have the addition of Spanish this year with a Spanish teacher once a week. The variety in how we teach keeps the students engaged and learning!


This year we have a Third through Fifth grade classroom. The variety of subjects with hands on learning as well as other combinations of classroom techniques keeps our students challenged and engaged.


Middle through High school classes are offered with our award winning on-line Christian curriculum. At PCA we enhance the on-line curriculum with an in-classroom teacher, whom helps facilitate the students learning. With on-line electives as well as enrichment’s offered at school, helps create a well-rounded academically challenging education.

Why Pueblo Christian Academy?

Pueblo Christian Academy cares about its students. Each student is taught at an individual level to ensure they are provided the best education possible. We also include several enrichments throughout the year so students are taught more than just what is in their textbooks. Most of our students are working at advanced levels in several subjects. PCA also does school wide monthly geography reports to allow students to learn about areas outside of Colorado.


We feel like there is love in the air then it must be February.  For the week of the 5th we will be working on valentines and opposites.  Next, we will talk about our teeth and dental importance.  During the week of the 19th we will celebrate art.  At the end of the month we are celebrating Dr. Seuss and his birthday.  During the month we will talk about letter O and P.  On February 14th we will have a valentine’s day party from 10 to 11:15. Also through the month we will be doing our fundraiser for Pennies for Patients and Colton’s Heroes.

Ms. Lily has sent out an email explaining what we are doing during the month and what our goal is please help us reach our goal by donating a book or bring in that change.

Just a reminder, please send a coat every day, we just never know what the crazy weather is going to do.


Thanks again for all you do.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Ms. Linda and Ms. Dani

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

This month our theme is Dinosaurs! We will be doing some fun activities such as fossil making and creating our own dinosaurs. If your child has something dinosaur related that they want to bring into the class, they may do so on Fridays. In January we covered some South American ancient civilizations and this month we will move onto ancient Egypt. Because it is Black History Month we will also spend some time talking about some influential African Americans. We will also be decorating our Valentine’s boxes to prepare for our party on the 14th! It will be a fun month!

Thank you,

Ms. Jessica

3rd Grade – 5th Grade

Hello everyone! January has come and gone, and we are moving full steam ahead into this new year. During the month of February, we are jumping back into the prehistoric times, studying Dinosaurs. We will be researching, drawing, building, and recreating habitats. February is also Black History month. During this time, we will have the opportunity to learn about the history of African Americans in the US. We will be exploring the idea of Civil Rights. I will challenge the students to think about what civil rights they feel that people should have, and how they can impact their communities. This month also kicks off the 2018 Winter Olympics. We will take some time to look at winter sports and do research on past Olympic games. February is the month of Love!  Not only will we celebrate our love and friendship between each other we will also be showing our love to the community by partnering with Pennies for Patients as well as Colton’s Heroes. Remember we are bringing in spare change and new books for these organizations. Please see the emails that was sent out for more information on special dress days, incentives, class prizes, as well as our class goals and our school goals. Please call, text, or email with any questions or concerns you may have. Our memory verses for this month as Isaiah 46:9 and Romans 11:33.

Blessings to you and your families!

Mrs. Micah


February Cheer!

This month brings Childhood Cancer awareness to our school and our class will participate in raising money for two worthy Childhood Cancer groups. Pennies for Patients and Colton’s Heroes! There will be special day events that all students can participate in if they donate to the fundraiser. Check the February Calendar right here on our website or on our schools Facebook page.

The class is working hard to get caught up on assignments, stay on track or to move ahead on them. The assignment chart and some added incentives are motivating our young people.

February 14th is our Valentine day party at 2:00-3:30. This time around boys will bring in a sweet treat while the girls will bring in something healthy or a salty snack. Please have your student make out all Valentine’s leaving the “to” section blank a”from” section with there name.

Ask your student about this month’s state project. Last month they all seemed to have some fun with the skit. As always I care for each of my students successes and in so doing am available to assist them when needed.

Best regards,


Lauren Korinek

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