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Last year PCA added a third preschool/ pre-k classroom and it is a great success. Here at PCA we have our students learn through educational play. While attending our preschool / pre-k our teachers will introduce subjects such as geography, science and reading that are play based which allows for the students to grow both academically and socially.


In our K-2 class, this year we have hands on science experiments! This classroom also uses many other hands-on learning for other subjects. We are happy to have Spanish again this year with a Spanish teacher once a week. The variety in how we teach keeps the students engaged and learning!


This year we have a Third through Sixth grade classroom. The variety of subjects with hands on learning as well as other combinations of classroom techniques keeps our students challenged and engaged.


Middle through High school classes are offered with our award winning on-line Christian curriculum. At PCA we enhance the on-line curriculum with an in-classroom teacher, whom helps facilitate the students learning. With on-line electives as well as enrichments offered at school, helps create a well-rounded academically challenging education.

Why Pueblo Christian Academy?

Pueblo Christian Academy cares about its students. Each student is taught at an individual level to ensure they are provided the best education possible. We also include several enrichments throughout the year so students are taught more than just what is in their textbooks. Most of our students are working at advanced levels in several subjects. PCA also does school wide monthly geography reports to allow students to learn about areas outside of Colorado.


Hello Parents and Guardians of PCA and thank you for our successful first month of school.

In September we will be learning about the following: five senses, wild west, reptiles, welcome fall, and leaves. Our colors are blue/ brown. Our shape is the square. We will be working on letters b, c, and d. We will also be working on  numbers 3,4,5, and 6. Our bible stories this month are Noah loads the animals, Flood begins/Gods promise, Joseph and the coat of many colors, Joseph the king and the dreams. We have weekly chapel every Wednesday at 9:30am. Our monthly presentations are held every last Wednesday of the month starting at 9am before chapel.

Parents please remember to send your children with a water bottle for everyday use. proper clothing and shoes, extra clothes for backpack and a light jacket. Absolutely no flip flops.

Thank you,

Mrs. Linda, Mrs. Trish and Mrs. Tamara

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Wow already down a month into this school year.  I feel that was very quick.  So like usual we will touch base on math, spelling, handwriting, reading and bible. We have had to do some review as well coming back from summer and letting our brains take a rest.  For science this month we will be talking about Magnets and doing some cool experiments with magnets and learning how they work.  For history this month we will be talking about the culture of Mexico for Hispanic Heritage Month and making an awesome book about Mexico that will be in their portfolios at the end of the year.  This has been a rough season for allergies and colds so if they have to stay home please let us know and if you’re worried about homework, they get an extra day to do work or the work can be picked up earlier as well and done at home.  If you have any questions or concerns my door is always open.  Please keep in contact it takes us all to help your child succeed and that is all we want.  Here’s to a great year.

Thanks for all you do.

Ms. Dani

Kindergarten thru 2nd grade teacher

3rd Grade – 6th Grade

I can’t believe that we are now in our 2nd month of school already! Time flies when we’re having fun! We have been studying the book of Job during bible. The students have been fascinated with his story of his devotion to Jesus in spite of his trials. We have really enjoyed playing with matter. We have learned about its different forms. Mixing various types of matter and watching their interactions has been one of the highlights of the many labs that we have conducted in class. The US Constitution has kept us on our toes, looking at it’s creation, the people who were involved as well as looking currently at our national political scene to see why our constitution continues to important. We will continue on our adventures through Matter and the US constitution through September.

Mrs. Micah


As the second month of school begins our secondary classroom is in full swing. All of the students have begun their complete course load including their chosen elective courses. Our September monthly presentation on an influential person will be on Susan B Anthony. Last month we studied Queen Elizabeth II and had a wonderful first presentation this year.


On Fridays this semester I am teaching a Lego Mindstorm Robotics class to the 5th through high school students. So far, the students have really enjoyed this addition to their Friday schedule. All students from 3rd through 12th grade are also working on a musical production “A Villainous Night to Remember” that is to be performed in late October.  This quarter has gotten off to a good start and I am looking forward to seeing this year unfold!

Thank you,

Mrs. Howard

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