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This year PCA added a third preschool/ pre-k classroom and it is a great success. Here at PCA we have our students learn through educational play. While attending our preschool / pre-k our teachers will introduce subjects such as geography, science and reading that are play based which allows for the students to grow both academically and socially.


In our K-2 class, this year we have hands on science experiments! This classroom also uses many other hands-on learning for other subjects. We are happy to have Spanish again this year with a Spanish teacher once a week. The variety in how we teach keeps the students engaged and learning!


This year we have a Third through Sixth grade classroom. The variety of subjects with hands on learning as well as other combinations of classroom techniques keeps our students challenged and engaged.


Middle through High school classes are offered with our award winning on-line Christian curriculum. At PCA we enhance the on-line curriculum with an in-classroom teacher, whom helps facilitate the students learning. With on-line electives as well as enrichments offered at school, helps create a well-rounded academically challenging education.

Why Pueblo Christian Academy?

Pueblo Christian Academy cares about its students. Each student is taught at an individual level to ensure they are provided the best education possible. We also include several enrichments throughout the year so students are taught more than just what is in their textbooks. Most of our students are working at advanced levels in several subjects. PCA also does school wide monthly geography reports to allow students to learn about areas outside of Colorado.


It is our Month of Love parents and guardians,

We are raising funds for the Shrine’s Club. There are special activities planned that students can participate in throughout the month, in addition to collecting the pop tab from aluminum cans, the cans and coins!

This month we will be celebrating Valentines Day! The Preschool party will be on February 14th with the parties in the morning. Students should bring in a Valentine for everyone in their class. Just fill in the FROM: with your students name. Boys are encouraged to bring a sweet treat and Girls are encouraged to bring a savory treat enough for twelve.

We will be covering How to take care of our teeth in Dental week. At the end of the month we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss. Our colors will be Pink and Purple and the shape of the month is the Heart!

Practice, Practice, Practice with our Letter “O” and the three sounds it makes!

Please remember to dress your child accordingly. We do go outside weather permitting. Also, please remember to send your child with a Water Bottle every day!

If you have any questions or concerns, please see Teacher or Mrs. Lily.

Mrs. Linda, Ms. Beulah, Mrs. Tamara, Mrs. Trish


Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

I feel love is in the air that must mean February is here.  February is the month of love and we are collecting tabs off cans for the Shriner’s and we will also be collecting coins again to donate, we have some fun days coming up so please check email to see those days.  We will be working on the same subjects; math, spelling, reading, and bible.  I am really excited about History and Science this month for History we are talking about fairy tales learning about different stories, what to look for and learning the different parts of a story.  For science we will be talking about dinosaurs what they look like, how they acted, what they ate, and what it takes to be a paleontologist.  Friendly reminder if it is snowing the kiddos may wear snow boots, they can bring extra shoes if they choose too, but if the weather is fine please send in regular shoes.  Also, heavy jackets still need to be worn as we try to go outside even if just for 10 minutes to get some fresh air and much needed exercise.  Thank you for all you do.  My door is always open for any needs or concerns don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks Again,

Ms. Dani

3rd Grade – 6th Grade

I guess we have to accept that 2019 is officially here! The trial month is over, and we are moving full swing through the remainder of the year! While students came back anxious for the 2nd semester, I have challenged them to give even more in 2019, achieve their goals and work to be the best that they can be. February is our Month of LOVE! This is the second year in a row that we have chosen an organization to partner with. This year we have chosen to partner with Shriner’s International. Shriner’s International is an amazing organization that partners with families to provide medical assistance to families with sick kids. We will be collecting the pop tab from aluminum cans. These are then recycled, and the money raised is donated to the transportation fund. We are excited for all the special dress up days as well as special snacks. You have received an email with a calendar for the month describing each day and the special activities and snacks. In class we will embark on a journey in to the Early American Civilization. During our daily Bible time we will continue to study the life of Paul. We will be looking into his 1st missionary journey. The students will be able learn that God speaks through his people. They will be able be confident that when God leads them to something, that he will carry them through and supply everything they need. During science we will move through the world of electricity. If you have any copper wiring or batteries that you can spare, please send with your child. This month we will be focusing on President Hoover. Our Valentines party will happen on February 14th at 2 pm. Boys are asked to bring something sweet to contribute and girls are asked to bring something savory. Students are allowed to bring in valentines gifts for the class. We have 12 students in our class. Please make sure that there are enough things to share with all students. Please remember that we have a half day on February 15th as well as no school February 18th. On the 15th, there will be no staff on the premises after 12 pm. There will be no staff on the premises on February 18th.

Happy February!!!!

And Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, Ms Micah



Happy February!!!! January seems to have just flown by! This month we start rehearsing for our dinner theater play, “And So They Had None.” Our Valentine’s party will be on the 14th, and we’ll continue to work on assignments while having fun with all the extra activities supporting the Shriner’s.

~Mrs. Edens

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