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We are excited to announce we are opening a second preschool/ pre-k classroom! Our preschool/ pre-k classes are educational learning through play. Each week subjects such as geography, science, and reading are taught to the students. The play based educational learning allows for the students to grow both academically and socially.


The K-2 class is excited to announce classroom science units for next year! This allows the students to perform more science experiments. The K-2 classroom also uses hands-on learning for many other subjects.


The 3-5 classroom uses a combination of classroom techniques to advance the students’ understanding of subjects such as History, English, Math,


The Secondary Education classroom is excited to be moving to a new area in the building! This will allow for the students’ continued success. Students use a combination of online and in-person teaching and enrichments to create a well-rounded education.

Why Pueblo Christian Academy?

Pueblo Christian Academy cares about its students. Each student is taught at an individual level to ensure they are provided the best education possible. We also include several enrichments throughout the year so students are taught more than just what is in their textbooks. Most of our students are working at advanced levels in several subjects. PCA also does school wide monthly geography reports to allow students to learn about areas outside of Colorado.



Our preschool/ pre-K is excited to announce the addition of a second classroom for the 2017-2018 school year. The program uses a learn through play approach which the students adore.

Kindergarden – 2nd Grade

Our K-2 classroom will now be using science units in the classroom! This will allow for more science experiments throughout the year. The classroom will also be using a combination of hands-on learning and other educational approaches to learn subjects such as English, Geography, History, Spelling, and many others.

3rd Grade – 5th Grade

Our 3-5 classroom will be separated from the older kids this school year. This will allow an even more individual approach for the students. Students are taught the main subjects as well as geography and many enrichments which allow them to expand their horizons.


Our secondary classroom will be moving to a different part of the building for next school year. This will allow the students to continue to receive the best education possible. Combining an online and in-person approach creates an environment where the students can learn anything they put their minds to.

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

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