Our School

The mission of PCA is to demonstrate and encourage being a disciple of Jesus to all who come within the sphere of the program’s influence, as well as provide the social and educational activities that are appropriate for students from preschool to high school.

The Details

Preschool/ Pre-K- one classroom with a ratio not to exceed 12:1. That is twelve students to one teacher.

All other classes are limited to no more than 15 students.


The Christian values instilled at PCA creates a friendly environment where all students are welcomed.

Play Areas

PCA has both inside and outside play areas, ensuring that no matter the weather the students will be able to play.


All of our primary teachers have received a college degree.


Each classroom uses some of the most up to date curriculums to be developed within the past decade. This ensures each student receives the education they need.


PCA staff has a combined experience totaling over 50 years in the education system!


Students learn five days a week at PCA from the first week of August until the last week of May.

What The Parents Say