Pueblo Christian Academy Enrollment

A great little school in our Pueblo West Community is now having open enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year. Now is the time to enroll at Pueblo Christian Academy to ensure your students slot in this coming school year. We at PCA have seen student enrollment growth this past year in all our grade

Ten Years of Blessings

Pueblo Christian Academy is almost finishing their tenth year of Christian private schooling in Pueblo West! How the time has flown and the blessings that have been gathered in those years. Come on a journey with us today to discover the excitement that we have all felt. In the spring of 2006 two gr

What is the PCA Difference?

Pueblo Christian Academy was founded with the belief that as a school the whole child would be educated. PCA looks at each student as an individual. Each student is offered an individualized education that is needed to keep the student challenged. The curriculum has been shaped over the years in ord