Ways to Donate

Please Donate to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation! Help in raising funds for research to CURE childhood CANCERS! This year Miss Lily will shave her head if we can raise $3000 for this worthy cause! In honor of our 3rd Grader Brian who is battling cancer! Be a part of Brian’s Bunch and Donate Today!!!

Here is a link to Brian’s Story in the Pueblo Chieftain.


Blessings to All!

All across the Nation American Furniture Warehouse is offering to donate a portion of your purchase to our school.  For more information click on the link to view.

American Furniture Warehouse Flyer



Schoola.com- Schoola.com is an online consignment clothing store. Through donations of clothes, PCA is then able to earn 40% from all sales. Click here to visit our school 

Box Tops for Education is a simple way to support the school! Many packages contain box tops on them. Just cut them out and send them into the school with your child. The school then receives money from the Box Tops company comparable to how many box tops are sent in.

Tyson A+ for education labels are another way to support the school. Clip the label on Tyson packages that says A+ for education and bring it into the school. The school then will turn them in to receive money to help the school purchase items to enhance the education of the students.

Coke Give is a new way to support PCA. Send your Coca-Cola bottle lids and the reward code printed on paper packaging to the school. The school will then be able to turn these codes into fantastic rewards for the school!


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