Pueblo Christian Academy is almost finishing their tenth year of Christian private schooling in Pueblo West! How the time has flown and the blessings that have been gathered in those years. Come on a journey with us today to discover the excitement that we have all felt.

In the spring of 2006 two great community members had a dream, to begin a community Christian school that would focus on education and Christian growth at the same time. These great individuals were Joy Morales-Cress and Jay Shannon. A school board was formed and our own Lily Boda was asked to be on the board as the church member that had a young child that may benefit one day. A few days before school begin the enrollment was low and the financial success was uncertain. The school board voted to see what God had ready to bless us with and open in spite of any concerns. Within a few short weeks God was already blessing the growth of PCA. In the first three years PCA was operated at a local church. Throughout these years the growth was steady and the school was doing well. PCA was blessed to have great teachers to grow our students and also to have dedicated families as part of the establishment.

Time to move… As the growth continued a new location was established and for the next four years the school operated out of modular buildings on the front of a ranch here in Pueblo West. These years could have been the toughest to survive, but yet they provided the greatest growth through God. There were the tough moments financially where none of us knew what would come next, but then a new enrollment would come, or a gift from a community member would arrive. As the years in the modular ticked on, so did the growth of the school. The students were growing in knowledge and in love of Christ. These years provided the opportunity to also meet some of the most genuine people that became cornerstones of the school. The Church of Christ of Pueblo West saw an opportunity to reach out and become a partner of the school. This partnership has only grown over the years.

Time to move… Again??? Yes, that is right, another move. The Oasis Christian Church bought their own building and generously offered to allow PCA to utilize the classroom space as a new centralized location. This was an amazing opportunity that would allow parents a location closer to home, or work. God knew the path that was coming and allowed for the ministries to work together. This made another church partner with PCA, helping to become the community Christian school that was part of the original vision. The three school years that PCA had been at the current location have been great! Each year there is enrollment growth along with community engagement. The school has the opportunity to walk to the Pueblo West Library regularly along with the Pueblo West Family Fun Center for miniature golfing.

When the decade year begin we all knew that this was going to be a fantastic year, and God never held back this year. The student knowledge growth was amazing. Over 60% of the pre-kindergarten students will leave this year reading! Over 90% of the elementary level students are in accelerated math! The community has also become a larger part of the school. We were blessed to receive grant monies from the Pueblo West Church of Christ, Pueblo West Women’s League, Cornerstone Roofing, Pueblo West Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, and Private community members. These grant monies have enhanced our programming even further by providing a swingset, playground equipment, classroom equipment, scholarships, and also new classroom materials. This is just to name a few of the people and items.

Lily Boda, our director, has been with Pueblo Christian Academy since the founding. She is an integral part of our school today. Her daughter, Heather, has also been a part of the school for the last ten years. Heather is the only student that attends today that was attending all those years ago.

As this year comes to a close we look forward wondering what is in our future path. We look forward to who we will meet. We also look forward to how God will help to yet again reshape each of our lives through the people we meet and serve.

Thank you to all that have been a part of our Ten Years of Blessings. The journey has been fantastic and we look forward to sharing this journey with each of you as we move towards our next ten years.

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