Pueblo Christian Academy was founded with the belief that as a school the whole child would be educated. PCA looks at each student as an individual. Each student is offered an individualized education that is needed to keep the student challenged. The curriculum has been shaped over the years in order to offer the most comprehensive understanding in each subject.

Beginning in the preschool/pre-k level the students are offered a well-rounded introduction to all subjects. Through play and creative activities, the students are introduced to literacy, math, hands-on science, geography, bible, music, games, and social skills. The students are engaged in age appropriate activities throughout the day that make learning fun.

Students in the Kindergarten through sixth grade classrooms engage in multiple activities throughout the day. There are the traditional book and worksheet activities, along with fun games and hands-on activities throughout the subjects. This is the second year that there is brand new STEAM items that were added to the classroom learning along with brand new science based units monthly.

Students in the Middle and High school classrooms use the online Ignitia curriculum. Their core work is teacher supported in class in addition to other great classroom activities. Students engage in the hands-on science experiments. In the past we had a great weekly guitar class that was taught by a local musician. A local game designer has taught game design and marketing strategies. These are just a few of the examples of activities within this classroom. This upcoming year PCA will be starting a fundamental Fridays Program that will have various enrichment classes. Such as,Taekwondo , Spanish, Dave Ramsey Financial Program and LEGO Education.

World class Christian based curriculum, with many enrichments provided will keep your child challenged and engaged. The opportunity to achieve is available each day throughout the learning structure. There are monthly presentations focused on social studies along with an engaging Christmas program to enhance the public speaking skills.

PCA encourages parents to be involved through volunteering for different activities throughout the year. The volunteers that we have regularly are dedicated individuals that care about the attention given to students in order to enhance their success. Some of our volunteers are parents, community members, while others are through the local SRDA grandparent program.

Field trips are scheduled every year. We have visited our Pueblo West local mini-golf coarse (Preschool through High School Students), Next Level Performance Gym (Middle & High School Students for Team Building) and have gone to Bent’s Old Fort in La Junta! In 2019 we went to the United States Air force Academy and visited the planetarium and took a tour with there fantastic docents!

Alternative teaching style to ensure individual growth! Pueblo Christian academy, a great place to learn!


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